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Tax advice for founder of a new business – Early advice for a successful future

When setting up an business in Germany at the beginning many different hurdles have to be handled. As a tax advisor and lawyer we are your partner from the beginning and advise you on all tax and legal issues. We handle issues such as registration, accounting and taxation so that you have time to focus on your core business and the successful realization of your business idea.

Make use of our professional advice at an early stage and plan together with us all stages of the realisation of your idea!

Our services for founder of a new business

Legal form & Contracts

  • Advice regarding choice of legal form
  • Drafting of partnership agreements
  • Drafting of employment contracts


  • Review and drafting of your business plan
  • Support regarding application for foundation allowance
  • Support regarding registration of the business at the trade office and tax authorities
  • Assistance in meeting the formal requirements for a proper invoice

Interessanting news for founder of a new business

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Part 4: Being self-employed in Germany - How to create legally correct invoices!

After rendering services to your client or after selling a product you need to prepare an invoice. The invoice can be sent to your client via post or electronically. To avoid any mistakes in the following we will inform you about the mandatory contents which should be included...