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Inheritance Law – Tax and legal advice from one source

At Rechts- und Steuerberatung Schmidt we focus on international taxes. Because of the qualification as German tax advisor and lawyer we can offer you tax and legal advice from one source. Inheritance law is visionary: Gifts, wills, inheritance contracts, anticipated inheritance and legacy regulate things that are relevant in the future. However, it is advisable to dedicate yourself to your own assets in time to secure the future of the family through forward-looking planning.

Unfortunately, a large number of inheritance cases also lead to disputes among the heirs contrary to the last wish of the testator. An inheritance dispute can lead to considerable costs and burden the family situation by years of legal disputes. Therefore it is our goal to regulate the succession of assets  possibly before the occurrence of the inheritance in your favor and thus to achieve a protection of the bereaved and to avoid financial disadvantages.

As a tax consultant and lawyer, we advise you on inheritance issues or conflicts and, of course, always take into account possible tax consequences.

Our services

  • General inheritance law advice
  • Advice on international inheritance
  • Drafting of wills and contracts of inheritance
  • Planning of asset transfer by way of anticipated succession
  • Advice on inheritance disputes
  • Verification of the heir’s status (sole heir, community of heirs, legal portion and legacy)
  • Living will and health care proxy

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