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Inheritance tax international- Your German tax advisor in Düsseldorf

Inheritance tax can be a significant financial burden that can be minimized or even avoided through timely advice and planning. Especially with inheritances in an international context, there is a lot to consider due to the complicated international regulations in order to keep inheritance tax as low as possible and not to fall into the trap of tax evasion. It is often unknown that an inheritance or gift (also from a person living abroad) has to be reported to the tax office in Germany within 3 months of becoming aware of it.

  • Which law applies if I live and die in Germany as a Spanish citizen and my heirs live in Portugal? In this case, do my heirs have to pay inheritance tax in Germany?
  • I live as a pensioner in Mallorca and my heirs in Germany and my assets are still in Germany, can I avoid Spanish inheritance law from being applicable? Where do my heirs have to pay inheritance tax? What is the Spanish capital gains tax (“plusvalia”)?
  • I inherited from my uncle in Canada. Do I have to pay taxes in Germany? Can the Canadian “capital gain tax” be offset against the German tax?
    Can I avoid inheritance tax by moving to Austria?

If you ask yourself these or similar questions, then you should contact us for professional advise. As a tax advisor in Düsseldorf, we can draw on many years of expertise in the area of inheritance tax and in preparing inheritance tax returns in an international context. Through regular training courses in the area of inheritance tax, we are always informed about the latest changes, so that we are happy to assist you as a contact for all matters relating to inheritance tax in international context. We help you to understand the complicated international regulations and take care of the timely notification of the inheritance or gift and the correct preparation of the inheritance tax return.

Our services

  • Advice on receiving an inheritance from abroad or regarding inheritance tax in international context
  • Inheritance tax and inheritance law structuring advice on tax optimization and asset succession planning
  • Notification of inheritance at the responsible tax office
  • Preparation of inheritance tax returns
  • Preparation of assessment declarations for the valuation of real estate
  • Preparation of inheritance tax returns for community of real estate or community of heirs
  • Comprehensive advice in all inheritance issues, e.g. drafting of wills, gifts and succession solutions
  • Assessment of private law contracts and wills taking into account tax aspects
  • Tax and asset succession optimization
  • Support in the case of inheritance e.g. application for certificate of inheritance, execution of wills (legacies, claim to legal portion, community of heirs)
  • Tax valuation of assets, in particular properties and business assets
  • Procedural enforcement of your claims

Inheritance tax – Good to know

Initial consultation

In a first consultation, we discuss your inheritance and inheritance law situation and determine the scope of your consulting needs. Of course we will then be able to give you a first estimate of the expected fee or offer you a fixed price.

In a second step, we develop the tailor-made solution required for your situation. Of course we will inform you of any steps through written explanations and personal consultations.

Please feel free to get in touch in case of queries, just give us a call or send us a message.

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