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As a German tax advisor in Düsseldorf, another focus of our office is tax advice for expatriates and impatriates. In the course of globalization, more and more Germans are moving abroad or more and more foreign employees are working in Germany. As an expat or impat, you often still have economic interests, for example real estate or investments in your home country.

Are you being sent to another country by your employer for a limited period of time or are you coming to Germany from abroad? Then you are probably asking yourself the following questions:

  • In which country do I have to pay taxes?
  • Can taxes paid abroad be offset against my German income tax?
  • How can I avoid double taxation?
  • Does my employer compensate me for tax disadvantages caused by the assignment?

Our team would be pleased to support you with your German taxes. We advise you before the assignment to avoid possible tax disadvantages and support you with the preparation of your German tax return. Of course,  taking into account all German and foreign types of income. In order to achieve the most tax-optimized result for our clients, special knowledge of both national and international tax law is required.

Longstanding experience

As a specialized German tax advisor for expatriates, we have this knowledge through many years of professional experience in this area. In addition to that we have supported numerous clients with their German taxes in the past. Since more than 10 years we advise both foreign employees of various nationalities as well as foreign freelancers in all tax, legal and social security issues. From classic tax advice, the filing of the German tax return or special advice with regard to international inheritance tax questions, that and a lot of more is part of our services.

Digital communication in English

All of us are fluent in English so that the communication can completely take place in English. Because of the digital exchange of information and documents as well as because of digital communication, we can support our clients throughout Germany/worldwide.

You need assistance in filing a tax return in another country? We are happy to make contact with our international cooperation partners.


Our services for expatriates

  • Preparation of German tax return considering the applicable double tax treaties
  • Arrival and exit interviews regarding the tax optimization before, during and after the assignment
  • Individual tax advice for expatriates working abroad (outbound)
  • Individual tax advice for expatriates working in Germany (inbound)
  • Advice on residence retention vs. residence dissolution at assignments
  • Advice on German rental income when living abroad
  • Advice on cross-border commuter regulations
  • Application for joint assessment, even if spouse lives abroad
  • Filing of appeals and representation in tax court lawsuits
  • Communication with tax authorities
  • Special advice regarding international inheritance tax while living in Germany

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