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bullet Part 4: Being self-employed in Germany - How to create legally correct invoices!

19 September 2017: After rendering services to your client or after selling a product you need to prepare an invoice. The invoice can be sent to your client via post or electronically...

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bullet Part 3: Being self-employed in Germany - Which expenses are deductible?

25 August 2017: First it is important to know how expenses influence your profit and your tax burden. In brief, expenses reduce your profit and consequently you have to pay less taxes as your profit is less...

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bullet Part 2: Being self-employed in Germany - Which taxes do I have to pay when being self-employed in Germany?

14 August 2017: When being self-employed in Germany you have to pay several kind of taxes depending on whether you are a freelancer or trade and business. That’s why it is so important to exactly check before business registration...

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bullet Tax Identification Number – Tax Number – VAT ID

7 August 2017: In Germany you receive different numbers for different purposes in relation to the German tax system. But what’s the difference between those numbers...

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bullet Part 1: Being self-employed in Germany - Freelancer or trade and business?

3 August 2017: When being self-employed in Germany you distinguish between freelancer and trade and business. Therefore in a first step it has to be checked which kind of job is performed to continue with the correct registration of the self-employment...

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bullet For employees - Income Tax in Germany

13 July 2017: The German tax system is complicated and subject to regular changes. Therefore as employee it is good to know some major facts about the German tax system to get an overview about obligations and possibilities to avoid any negative consequences...

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bullet Tips & Tax changes 2017

1 January 2017: Many tax changes will become effective as of the beginning of next year and further will follow during the year. Find out which changes will apply and how you can profit from particular changes.

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bullet Relocation expenses

Employees can deduct relocation expenses if the costs are job-related and when the costs are not reimbursed by employer. Expenses for privately motivated relocations are not deductible as expenses...

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bullet Home office - Final decision by court

It was unclear for a long time whether costs for a home office can be deducted when the room is not exclusively used as home office e.g. when having a typical work corner...

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bullet How to deduct medical expenses in your German income tax return!

Medical expenses can be deducted as extraordinary expenses. However, the so called reasonable self-retention has to be considered i.e. medical expenses...

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bullet How to claim back your pension insurance contributions!

You worked less than five years in Germany? You are a non-EU citizen and you are now planning to leave Germany...

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bullet When can I benefit from filing a tax return?

Every year the same exhausting topic arises: the income tax return. Am I obliged to file a tax return? Can I expect a tax refund or do I have to pay additional taxes? These and a lot of more questions are coming up...

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bullet Filing an appeal, if the tax authorities take ages to proceed with your tax return!

As soon as your tax return is filed electronically and the tax authorities have all your information, generally it takes five to eight weeks until you receive your tax assessment notice. The tax authorities handle...

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bullet German child benefit for foreigners in Germany

Many foreigners in Germany aren’t aware of the possibility to receive German child benefit in addition to the child benefit received in their home country. However, foreigners living and working in Germany have the right to apply for German child benefit...

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bullet Deductibe expenses

There are many possibilities for expatriates and foreigners working in Germany to save taxes especially when the spouse and the children are living abroad...

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bullet Filing extension

In general, the deadline for filing a tax return is the 31st May of the following year. If a tax advisor represents you, the deadline is extended by the 31st December...

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bullet Taxation for retirees abroad

The tax authorities Neubrandenburg are responsible for all retirees abroad if they receive retirement pensions from Germany...

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bullet Major remuneration components

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bullet Tax changes 2014

As of 1 January 2014 the tax rules regarding travel expenses will change essentially. The German Ministry of Finance published a letter of application dated 30th September 2013, in which the changes have been explained in detail...

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