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Transparent costs for a trusting cooperation

Since each case is based on a different situation, no specific fee can be mentioned here. We are happy to make you a personal offer for our services and explain our prices before we act for you. This will give you the most accurate cost forecast before engaging our company, so you do not experience an unpleasant surprise.

Tax advisor fee regulation law

Tax advisor are generally required by law to invoice the services provided in accordance with the German Tax Advisor Fee Regulation Law. This specifies a fee framework for the activities of a tax advisor, within which the fee is to be set.

For example, the Tax Advisor Fee Regulation law provides for certain services a value charge e.g. for the preparation of the yearly income tax return. Fees are based on the value of the item (amount of income) and the scope and difficulty of work.

Within the given framework, the tax adisor determines the fee taking into account all circumstances. That`s why we require general information in advance to get an overiew about your situation and so that we can estimate the effort and the complexity.

Lump-sum fee

It’s also possible to agree on a lump-sum fee for annual repeated services e.g. the preparation of an income tax return so that you know exactly the amount of the costs. Please note that it is forbidden by law to invoice a certain percentage of your tax refund.

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