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Inheritance tax – Saving taxes by timely advice

As tax advisor in Düsseldorf, we have many years of expertise in the field of inheritance tax and the preparation of inheritance tax returns. Inheritance tax can be a significant financial burden that can be minimized or even avoided through timely advice and planning.

Already during lifetime, inheritance tax can be saved by means of the so-called anticipated inheritance (donations during lifetime) or through appropriate testamentary design. Even after the succession of inheritance, there are possibilities for structuring which play an important role from a tax point of view, such as the rejection of the inheritance or the asertion of compulsory portion claims. If several have inherited, a so-called heir community first arises by law. Here, there are corresponding peculiarities in the context of the inheritance tax return as well as in the context of any income of the community of heirs to consider.

Transferring family wealth to the next generation, keeping the tax burden as minimal as possible and achieving this in harmony with all family members is a challenge that we are happy to face with you.

Our services

  • Notification of inheritances at the responsible tax office
  • Preparation of inheritance tax returns
  • Advice on the anticipated succession
  • Advice on obtaining an inheritance from abroad
  • Advice on the optimal usage of gift tax exemptions
  • Preparation of assessment declarations for the valuation of real estate
  • Preparation of inheritance tax returns for community of real estate or community of heirs
  • Tax valuation of assets, in particular properties and business assets
  • Comprehensive advice in all inheritance issues, e.g. drafting of wills, gifts and succession solutions
  • Assessment of private law contracts and wills taking into account tax aspects
  • Tax and asset succession optimization
  • Support in the case of inheritance e.g. application for certificate of inheritance, execution of wills (legacies, claim to legal portion, community of heirs)
  • Procedural enforcement of your claims

Inheritance tax – Good to know

Initial consultation

In a first consultation, we discuss your inheritance and inheritance law situation and determine the scope of your consulting needs. Of course we will then be able to give you a first estimate of the expected fee or offer you a fixed price.

In a second step, we develop the tailor-made solution required for your situation. Of course we will inform you of any steps through written explanations and personal consultations.

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