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Tax changes 2014

bullet Change of tax rules regarding travel expenses

As of 1 January 2014 the tax rules regarding travel expenses will change essentially. The German Ministry of Finance published a letter of application dated 30th September 2013, in which the changes have been explained in detail.

Download letter: Changes travel expenses

bullet New lump sum on additional meal allowance

As of 2014 the following lump sums will become effective:

For business trips lasting several days the tax payer receives for the arrival and departure day a lump sum with the amount of 12 € regardless the minimum absence at these days.

bullet Increase of the basic free-tax amount

The basic free-tax amount increases in 2013 about 126 € to an amount of 8.130 € and as of 2014 about 224 € to an amount of 8.354 €.



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