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Tax advice for retirees abroad

The tax authorities Neubrandenburg are responsible for all retirees abroad if they receive retirement pensions from Germany. According to the information of the German Government this concerns more than 500.000 retired persons. Although the retiree has no German residence, the pension income has to be taxed within the limited tax liability. According to this liability the tax authorities Neubrandenburg send tax assessment notices to the retired persons living abroad.

There is often no obligation to file a tax return

For most retired persons there is often no obligation to pay taxes in Germany if they apply for unlimited tax liability in Germany. The applicable tax allowances are often much higher than the taxable amount of the retirement pension.

If you have already received a tax assessment notice, you should act immediately. Otherwise with the binding effect (i.e. the time limit to file an appeal is already expired) of the administrative act the assessed tax can be claimed from the pension provider or with the European administrative assistance the tax payment can be enforced abroad.