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Your German tax advisor | Tax advice for professional athletes

For professional athletes, it often happens that they leave the club after one season and switch to another club or spend a few years working abroad. If you move in or move out during the calendar year, a tax return in Germany is mandatory.

We are happy to assist you with the preparation of your tax return and advise you comprehensively on the costs that you can claim as tax-deductible expenses.

Our services for professional athletes

  • Preparation of German tax return
  • Advice on avoidance of double taxation
  • General advice regarding choice of tax class, choice of assessment for spouses etc.
  • Application for change of tax class
  • Support regarding claiming back German social security contributions
  • General tax advice
  • Communication with tax authorities and other authorities

Good to know for professional athletes

Taxation when practicing a team sport

Professional sport has become increasingly international in recent years. More and more professional athletes come to Germany from abroad. Team athletes such as football, handball, volleyball and basketball players are usually employed by a club and thus earn as employees income from employment.

Generally, the contracts begin during the year for the new season. The professional athletes therefore often had income from abroad in the first half of the year. In the second half of the year they receive their salary from their new German club. In this case, there is an obligation to file a tax return in Germany.

Taxation when practicing an individual sport

Professional athletes who practice a individual sport, e.g. Tennis players or athletes usually earn income from trade and business. The income from entry fees, prize money, advertising and sponsoring contracts are considered as income from trade and business as well.

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